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    Photoshop resizes masks from illustrator




      I have a question regarding masks copied from Illustrator to Photoshop.

      I found the same question in discussion 8775346. This question wasn't answered but I can't

      imagine there isn't an answer or workaround.


      I'll just give a simple example to describe my issue.

      Let's say I have an Illustrator object of 600x600 pixels masked within a mask of 200x200 pixels.

      In Illustrator, when I select the mask (with the object within), it shows 200x200 in the Transform panel.

      When I copy-paste it to photoshop, photoshop creates a 600x600 document and

      pastes the 200x200 object.

      When I copy-paste it into an existing 200x200 document, photoshop resizes to fit the 600x600

      object into the 200x200 document.


      My question is if and how it's possible to paste it to photoshop, fitting the mask

      into a 200x200 document.