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    Can't download an ebook from .acsm file


      Greetings! I've bought an ebook in Google Play Books and tried to download a .pdf of it to my PC. I've installed the Adobe Digital Editions to do that, but when I try to download the book in the ADE the following error occurs:


      If anyone knows what's the reason for this, please help. Thank you!

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          Hey Bash, I'm not an expert, but before trying to merge the book with ADE....open ADE on it's own. It SHOULD..it did for me. ask about an activation ID. I'm not going to go into that, you can read about it, I did and if I can understand it anybody can. Choose " I don't want an activation ID for this computer". Now ADE should be configured. Now just drag your book to the ADE icon and, hopefully, it should work, if not, I tried for you.