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    Urgent, Need help buying a laptop for Premiere Pro CC use


      Hi everyone!  I need a computer to edit videos with Premiere Pro CC. I am starting my profesional career, and I know a desk computer would be better but I cant have one for now. I live in Argentina and I don't have many options...  so I wanted to ask you guys what can you recommend me in terms of CPU and GPU. (I couldn't find any laptop being sell in my country with NVDIA). My options are:


      1- HP Pavilion with:


      CPU: AMD12

      RAM: 8 GB

      GPU: AMD R7


      Windows 10




      2- Lenovo:

      CPU: AMD12

      GPU: AMD R16M-M1-30

      RAM: 12GB


      Windows 10


      3- HP Pavilion 15


      CPU: MD Quad-Core A12

      GPU: AMD Radeon 530, 4GB

      RAM: 16 GB

      1 TB



      I try to find one with i7 but I only found with i7 - U, and GPU: Intel or AMD R16M-M1-30



      Thank you!!!



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