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    Disable File Locking in Acrobat (Windows)

    donald newlands Level 1

      One of the most frustrating issues I have with Acrobat is that it always locks files it opens, even if I am only viewing (not editing).  Is there a way to disable file locking?  If not, it would be extremely helpful if Acrobat only locked files when in  "edit" mode or not at all.


      The situation frequently arises where an application is outputting PDFs, the PDFs open automatically in Acrobat, but if we want to overwrite a file, we have to close it in Acrobat first. Working between applications, this locking can be very confusing for users.  Most PC applications do not lock files in this way - it is up to the user.




      -Donald Newlands

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          No, there is no way to disable such file locking. And for good reason ...


          It isn't just a matter of whether Acrobat is editing the file or not. Acrobat doesn't read the entire file into memory at one time; PDF files can literally be gigabytes in size! If the file wasn't locked and it was deleted or changed while the file was open, you would end up with a situation in which Acrobat would not be able to count on the integrity of what it was reading (or unable to read) from disk. The alternative would have been for Acrobat to make a complete temporary directory of every file that it opens. That would be time and disk consuming.


          Quite frankly, I'd be very wary of any applications that allow files that it currently has opened to be modified or deleted behind its back.


                    - Dov

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            donald newlands Level 1


            Thanks for your reply, but I disagree. 

            As long as the file is not being edited, there is absolutely no technical need for Acrobat to lock it. I would rather have an error that the file has been deleted or modified and needs to be reloaded than a nanny file lock that prevents my applications from working together.