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    flash dev for developing countries

    stephan.k Level 1
      Hello Forum

      A client of mine is looking to have a website built for his company. They have clients in both Europe / USA as well as developing countries in South Southamerica and South East Asia. He would love to have the site built in flash, since he is a very design sensitive person, but he's concerned about viewers with slow modem connections.

      I'm used to building flash sites with little or no animation. Most of the animation is created with code. I try using the flash app simply as a shell and load all content only when requested to keep initial loading time at a minimum. Still the main app with all the main graphics and fonts ends up being in the 80-250k range (that's not including any photos or xml files loaded on top of that). I also started using SWFObject and SWFAddress javascript files to accommodate deeplinking at enable the backbutton.

      I guess we can always build 2 sites with different bandwidths... but I'd rather just build one site that works for everyone, mainly also to accomodate the budget.

      I have a few specific questions,but I'm certainly open to any advice regarding this problem.
      1) Are there country specific flash penetration statistics?
      2) Any opinions out there regarding flash vs regular HTML for this case?
      3) if we do offer 2 separate sites, are there ways to determine where people are logging in from (what country or continent) through the IP I'm guessing... or what their connection speed is like and then depending on that auto refresh them to the higher or lower bandwidth version of the site?
      4) Would it make sense to get a serverspace in Asia and one in America, we had other sites hosted in the past in Thailand or SouthAfrika for example and they show up extremely slow here in the US but acceptably fast their respective countries.
      5) anyone know of any guidelines or stats in terms of bandwidth / loading time for different countries?

      Any insight or advice regarding this topic is very much appreciated! We want to create something beautiful, engaging and appealing but at the same time we want everyone to have access to it...

      Thank you very much.