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    I need help with streaming video

    Pasewark Level 1
      I have 7 videos I've produced that I would like to progressively stream from my web site. They're all approx 400 x 200 about 2 minutes long with sound. I have a scene set up with each video in a separate keyframe so you can navigate from one to the other in the same scene.

      I can get the videos to play locally. When I upload the swf and .flvs to my server, they won't play. One error message I get on output states that "**Warning** The linkage identifier 'FLVPlayback' was already assigned to the symbol 'FLVPlayback', and cannot be assigned to the symbol 'golden', since linkage identifiers must be unique." What I did there is rename each video in my library from FLVPlayback to a unique name so I can identify it.

      I get that output error message for each of the videos that I'm trying to publish. It sounds like I have to change the Identifier in each video, but I haven't figured out how to do that.

      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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          clbeech Level 3
          really you only need a single FLVPlayback component - and then change the contentPath parameter from your buttons to load the next video into the same instance. you can also set up the onComplete event handler to bring in the next contentPath in secession.
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            Pasewark Level 1
            Ah, I see what happened. Every time I import a QT into the library, Flash creates a FLVPlayback component along with a .flv file. I cleared all but one FLVPlayback component and reimported the .flvs to stage and now I have streaming video on the website. Thanks clbeech, that was really helpful!

            One more issue. I've selected one of the prebuilt skins (Clearexternalplayseekmute.swf) to control video, while it works locally, I can't see it on the server. Do the skins need additional code to work?

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              Pasewark Level 1
              Never mind. I forgot to upload the video controller.swf. Thanks again for the help!