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    Complaints procedure


      I was actually doing a test drive of Adobe Acrobat DC (the 7 day free trial) because I need to purchase 15-20 licenses for our small business.  I got the quote easy enough on line (isn't that always the way it is -- you can get them to sign you up, but then you can't get any customer service), but I had one issue with optimizing and was trying to find someone...ANYONE...to help.  I called the support line and got someone not in the US who proceeded to tell me there was no issue.  Really?  Then why does my Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 take 60 seconds to optimize a document, and DC takes 8 minutes to optimize the same exact document?  I tried calling back (for about 30 minutes) but got caught in 1-800 number automated selection hell and whenever I selected the option that I wanted....it would hang up on me.  I can't say that I'm impressed and, at this point, I'm looking into Nuance PDF as an alternative.


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