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    Clicking Mailto URL not opening email

    StuartMap Level 1

      Hi all,

      Since the recent Windows update (early-mid August 2017) we've been unable to open the mailto url links on PDFs. The pointer icon changes and if left hovered over, the note box appears which says mailto:name@example-email.com - so Adobe recognises the mailto link but does not open an e-mail window when clicked.


      I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, I have tried Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and the Reader XI on other machines and the mailto links work ok. I'm running Windows 10, 64-bit desktop, as are all the other machines in the office, we use Outlook to send out mail.


      I've read through other users issues and have ensured that:

      - Default Mailto protocol has been set to Outlook Desktop

      - The E-mail Account Preferences in Adobe have been set to Microsoft Outlook by default


      I've also read somewhere that in Acrobat Pro DC clicking Edit > Link > View Web Links will show any links that are active. This shows the mailto urls (and others) are not linked to the web. This can then be altered by clicking Edit > Link > Auto Create Web Links - which then creates all the correct links which do open the Outlook E-mail. This is not a long term solution for us due to our workflow, the extra clicks and editing are an unneccessary step for something that should just click and work.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for something I have overlooked?


      Thanks in advance,