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    Is there a way to convert an AE comp into a Premiere Pro effect?

    Pablo Apiolazza Level 1

      I have a comp with a precomp that makes a set of animations to a single layer. I need to substitute that layer with different clips, to apply this same effect over and over.


      I was wondering if there's a way to just convert that comp into a premiere effect, in the sense that if I apply this effect to a clip, the result would be tha same as replacing the layer on the AE comp.


      I was expecting that the new templates from AE for Premiere would allow for a variable to be the clip, but I don't seem to find that functionality.

      Does it exist?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If there is one layer in your composition then you can make an animation preset that you can use over and over in After Effects.


          If your comp has multiple layers and the bottom one is the clip you want to replace in Premiere Pro then you can turn off the bottom layer and render a lossless with alpha version of your comp. This layer can then be  used in Premiere Pro and placed above the track you want to cover.


          You cannot move all of your effects to an adjustment layer and then dynamically link that comp in Premiere Pro so that all layers below the track will have the effects applied to them. You need actual layers in your dynamically linked comp that actually contain pixels. Adjustment layers will not pass through to the tracks below the comp in Premiere Pro.