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      I bought an EBook off Wiley.com for University.


      Had to install Adobe Digital as below:


      Install Adobe Digital Editions on your PC 

      You MUST create an Adobe ID Windows


      Which I did - seem to load ok


      Then tried to open the Ebook - Download your e-book file (.ACSM file) - the E book did not open but had the attached message coming up.



      I have removed and reloaded the ADE 3.0 installer both from the link in Wileys and Adobe website.


      Then followed the install for the Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.1 from the Adobe website.


      First this came up :



      Pressed ignore - then it loaded okay.


      But when I tried to open book, the original error message came up again.


      I am running Windows 10.


      Have looked around for troubleshooting tips, but nothing seems to be the same.


      Hope you can help.