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    Old versions: Upgrade CS3 to CS4


      Hi.  Sorry about the old version question.  I am a long time user of CS3.  My new printer plug-in is now requiring CS4 as the minimum version.  Since I am budget limited and need an offline version of Photoshop, I am eyeing a new unopened CS4 Extended upgrade version for sale.


      I have PS 6 (full), CS2 (upgrade) and CS3 extended (full) original CDs and serials.  My current CS3 is running well on Win7.


      My old Adobe ID login does not work so I just created this current one.  So...  assuming the unopened CS4 upgrade is a legit copy, would it be a safe bet that it would install over my current CS3?  I'm not stuck on CS4, but I think its all I can afford right now.  Any suggestions would be very appreciated.