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    Report Capability

      I am working in RoboHelp 7.0. Can anyone tell me if the capability to query information based on creation and/or revision dates exists? I'd like to utilize this to monitor the timeliness of revisions.
      Your input is appreciated.
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          lmarden Level 2
          Take a look at the Reports options under Tools. Unfortunately, there is no report that includes a timestamp to identify creation or modification date. (Or if there is, I haven't found it...)

          However, you could enter the date and time of each change in the Comments section of each topic's Properties, and these comments can print on the Topic Properties report (if selected in report Options).

          You may find that simply sorting the Topics list pod by Date will give you the info you need to quickly determine which topics may require updates.

          I actually maintain a separate Excel spreadsheet, in which I keep the following, by column:

          Map ID
          Form Name
          Topic File Name
          Topic Name
          Latest Version
          Last Revision Date
          Notes (typically contains reason for last revision).

          I update the spreadsheet each time I add a topic or edit an existing topic. It can be tedious at times, but if I ever get hit by a bus, it will be very handy for my successor. And the development team likes to get an updated spreadsheet occasionally so that they can do a sanity check on the MAP IDs.

          Hope this helps! Welcome to the community.