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    How to achieve this kind of effect (smoke or fog)



      I am trying to recreate this effect as you can see in the link below, i tried particular, mir and form but nothing seems to be working just the way I want it to be..So my question is it possible to recreate this thing using trap code or do I need some other external software

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          davidarbor Adobe Community Professional

          Saying you tried Particular, Mir, and Form doesn't say what you or how close to achieving the effect you got, but yes, you could do that in Particular. Watch tutorials and experiment to get there. There are plenty of tutorials online that show how to get a similar effect.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would probably start with Trapcode Form.

            Your example:
            Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 7.48.42 AM.png



            Something similar from a Video Copilot tutorial:

            Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 7.55.50 AM.png

            You just have to fiddle with the knobs and run through some tutorials. You also may want to use more than one copy of the effect and throw in some blur and blend modes. It just depends on exactly what you want to achieve.


            If you are asking one of us to give you the effect settings to duplicate your example then maybe somebody will jump in but I just don't have the time right now to spend 20 or 30 minutes truing to precisely duplicate your example.


            You can also do something similar with Particular and MIR. The most efficient tool depends on the shot you are using and the exact effect you want to duplicate.

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              mridulb18485081 Level 1

              Thank you for replying...The shot is pretty much the same of the same product doing the same kind of simulation, i spent almost 2 days with this thing tweaking and trying out different setup with different effects but failed in achieving the desired result, i would sure love if someone can upload a file with the proper settings...Did a lot of research too with but nothing worthwhile came up, so if someone can post a link to a tutorial would be really glad...And are you guys sure about the fact that no fluid simulation software is used in the process?

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Fluid simulation??? Maybe, but you could do anything I saw in the sample video using Form or Particular. If there is camera movement I'd track or stabilize the shot then start playing with the effect controls to get the results I wanted. You may need to play with some animated gradients or even OBJ files to get the shape you want. When you get the motion you want then you start concentrating on the look. That will make things easier.


                It took me several days of fooling around to figure out how to use form. I went through a bunch of tutorials on the Red Giant site and then started fiddling with the knobs. I learned that is was much easier to work on the shape and the movement first and then fiddle with the particles and the look. I also learned that sometimes a duplicate of the layer with some blur or different look settings really helped. Additional copies can be added to generate more depth and more layers and offset the effect in time.


                I hope this helps. I'm on a deadline this morning so I don't have time to post a screenshot but that should get you pointed in the right direction.

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                  Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                  Hi MridulB,

                  What did you end up using for the effect? Form? Particular? Let us know so that others may benefit.



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                    angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

                    Try this YouTube tutorial.


                    Adobe After Effects Tutorial - Trapcode Particular Presets - YouTube


                    Or use one of the Smoke pesets as a starting point. If you have the presets that come free with particular these should help you get started.


                    Here's a tutorial I did way back on how to use particle systems to create fire. Although it's not exactly what you're after it does a good job of explaining how particle systems work and how to control them.


                    http://mobile.digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/creative-lifestyle/handling-particles-in-a fter-effects/


                    Hope this helps,


                    Angie Taylor | http://www.creativecabin.co.uk

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