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    Image Compression - that old chestnut

    aland94384507 Level 1

      So the control freak in me means I manually adjust compression for JPGs when saving for web, so I can make the final call on quality vs size.

      However my question is does a plugin like TinyPNG for example, have something in its arsenal that PS doesnt?

      Any test Ive done via the TinyPNG website service didnt impress me any more than what PS offers so Im not sold on the idea of spending the $50 if it doesnt have any additional algorithms over and above photoshop.

      All/any help greatly appreciated.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Jpeg uses lossy compression and loose image quality to reduce size you reduce files size by degrading image quality. Png compression is not lossy.  There are ways to optimize image so they will compress better with how Png compression works on images.  What does TinyPNG site claim there plug-in does.  If the Png standard supports one encoding and decoding method how can a plug-in use a different encoding method? I have also seen a SuperPNG Plugin. It may be free.

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