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    Can I add a hyperlink to an one image in a multi-state object?


      Hi folks,


      First of all, this forum is great and I'm very appreciative of all the guidance this forum provides!


      I'm have a multi state object controlled by buttons for a slideshow in my epub document. One of the objects i was hoping to include was a video, which worked but when viewed on apple products left an artifact of the video controls display on upper layers. I found this issue addressed on this forum (Artifacts from video player controls display on upper layers of multi-state ) and used BobLevine  advice to hyperlink to the video on a different page. I replaced the state containing the video with a thumbnail image from the video and applied the hyperlink to the video which is now located on it's own page but the link will not work. My current work around is adding a link to the mso capiton below the slideshow controlled by the same buttons that control the slideshow. Any ideas would be appreciated.




      Software: Indesign CC 2017

      OS: Windows 10