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    Conditional formatting to hide DropDown Text content still shows DropDown Text hyperlink


      I'm using RoboHelp 2017. (I'm generating Responsive HTML5 output, but the issue is the same in WebHelp output.)


      We put screenshot images in DropDown Text so the user can expand to see the example screenshot if they wish, otherwise it's collapsed and not taking up real estate. For example we have a sentence like this-- "The Users screen lists users and their logged in status, and allows authorized users to create, modify, and delete user accounts." --where "Users screen" has the DropDown Text with a screenshot image inserted.


      Sometimes we need to exclude the screenshot from the output, so we created a condition named screenshot and applied it to the screenshot image. In the output we created a conditional build expression to exclude the screenshot. The basic aspect of this works, the screenshot image is absent when the expression is used.


      The problem is that the underscore and twisty remain on the text, so to the user it looks like something is there, but clicking the hyperlink just turns the twisty icon and doesn't display content - because there isn't any. How can we make it hide the hyperlink and twisty when there is not any content in the dropdown?