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    Menu hover states across breakpoints are formatting the same!


      Hi all,

      I have a website set up with several different breakpoints. The font size in the menu changes across breakpoints. In the normal state, the menu retains the styling between breakpoints, as in, in my largest breakpoint it's 18px, in the next 16px etc. However, the hover states are defaulting to the same size. So, in my largest breakpoint, the hover is 18px, and in my next, it's changing to 18px as well. This is extremely annoying and I'm not sure what's happening. I do not have "edit together" checked on, and on I am always "formatting text on current breakpoint" (see image). Does anyone know what's happening?

      Thank you in advance!


      Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.02.15 AM.png