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    Interpreting Console Errors

    Alliosaaa Level 1

      I recently learned of the Javascript Console in Acrobat, and am having a lot of trouble figuring out what the error messages mean. I am getting 2 in particular that confuse me.


      First, no matter what field value I change I get several errors saying:


      TypeError: this.getField(...) is null



      How am I supposed to know what field is being referenced? Shouldn't there be a field name instead of "(...)"? I have over 100 calculated fields, so not knowing where this error is coming from makes my life way more difficult.


      Separate question for clarification... say fields A + B = C. After entering a number into "A", will I get that error code if nothing has yet been entered into "B"?


      The other error I get...


      InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown.

      Event.value:7:Field PAYOFF.0:Calculate


      For the life of me I can't find any explanation on what these error messages could mean. Is there some sort of reference manual I'm missing?


      Any help would be awesome before I pull my hair out! Thank you!