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      hier sollte ich bei news einen neuen event einbauen.wie muss ich da vorgehen?

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          antifrost Level 1

          die internetseite ist bereits aufgeschaltet. von einem künstler und freund aus der Schweiz.

          nun sollte ich ihm helfen,auf seiner seite unter news. einen neuen link einzufügen.

          da die frau,die dies aufgeschaltet hat verstorben ist,bin ich nun zuständig.


          wie kann ich da vorgehen.

          ich habe die nötigen angaben.


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            BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If the site was produced less than 5 years ago, you should be glad that Margret Hodel has gone, the structure of the site reminds me of when I started with webdesign late last century.


            If I were to be put in charge of the web site, the first thing I would do is trash it and start again. But then I do know HTML and CSS. If that is also the case with you - knowing how to code in HTML and CSS - then this should be no problem for you. If however, you cannot code in HTML/CSS then I'm afraid that you will need to learn that first. To help you get started, have a look at HTML Tutorial

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              Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That site must be 17 + years old.  Those FRAMES have got to go.  It's tragic because the site could be so much more.  Currently It does not do justice to the artist or his work.   A missed opportunity.