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    Is an automatic preload possible?

      I am creating an embedded flash intro for our website. Being that I'm relatively new to flash (but still learning), I'm not sure if I have to have a AS preloader for this or not. I have noticed in a book tutorial that I downloaded that it doesn't have any AS preloader. It has a sound and video file in the library, so not externally referenced. When you test the movie out with the bandwidth profiler, it indicates that 233 frames in the preloader (off to the left of this window). When I test my movie out, it says "0f" for frames preloaded. How do I change this without AS? How would this other person have done this with AS?

      I also have another site where I'm doing a flash/splash intro, which after playing loads the home page in place. Currently it loads very choppy and doesn't complete the animation before loading the home page. I've tried optimizing the symbols and whatever else I can, and am left believing that I just need to throw a preloader on this one. Is this correct? And if so, is there a way to do an invisible preloader (in other words, no progess bar), as I don't think it would take too long to download this intro.

      Any help is greatly appreciated!