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    starting Photoshop CC runs into error 16 (possible reason and solution)


      my operating system: macOS Sierra


      Problem: Trying to start Photoshop CC (or Illustrator CC) leads only to error 16


      Adobe is aware of this problem and offers here (https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/configuration-error.html) the solution to repair permissions. I think I can provide more information to this problem:


      On my Mac there are two users: A user with administrative permissions (let's call him "A") and a user with standard permissions ("S"). A installed and updates Creative Cloud, S uses it.


      Booting my Mac into user S and starting Photoshop (Illustrator, …) usually works. The software runs.


      Booting my Mac into user A instead, logging out and then logging in into user S causes the problem. Trying to run Photoshop (Illustrator, …) causes error 16 (I also observed error 14). Now looking into the Activity Panel show me processes belonging to Adobe and still running under user A. It looks like at least one of them needs access to files belonging to S and has no permission to access them since it runs under the wrong user.


      My workaround: I restart my Mac and boot directly into S.


      My request to Adobe: stop the processes that need access to user files when logging out and restart them when logging in.


      Best regards