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    could not write file .project

      Hi, i need help.
      I have a lot of components in a workspace but when i want to make a reference into them flexbuilder send me next error-messaje:
      could not write file d:\......\.project

      i have seen and this file is not an "only read" file, and i have permission to write it...

      I have also copy this proyect, and test it in other computer...

      Could you help me?

      Thanks in advance
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          Is this an AIR app? Could you provide a more detailed description of the scenario and what the problem is, including simplified sample code.
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            K_G_ Level 1
            I have a flex 3 workspace with a lot of components (libraries). I need to import one of this components(library 1) from another one(library 2), to register a cairmgorn event in library 2´s controller.
            When i click with the rigtht button over library 2, and select in the menu, properties option, then select proyect references and then select library 1, when i press ok, flex send me the error, "could not write file /library2.../.project"
            because of that error when i restart my flexbuilder, no any reference is in my library 2 component.

            Also, if i try to select propertys, flex library build path, and then library path tab, i add proyect and select library 1 component, flex let me select it, and press ok, but doesn't let me use hes propertys and components, like i not doing anything, and when i restart my flex builder, this library path has dissapear.

            Thanks in advance.