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    Right-click search (Google, Bing or whatever...)

    ElJayBronx Level 2

      Many times, I am confronted with a text string that needs a search (I generally use Google) and from within Acrobat I must select and copy the text, then go to the browser and search. I know it sounds fundamentally lazy...but these steps if repeated over and over take time. From the Chrome browser, we can select and then right-click text and "Search in Google" is an option. Acrobat is a much richer environment for working with the PDF but then the constant charade (for instance in a legal document with citations) of select, copy, open the browser, open or find a tab to work in, paste might be unnecessary.

      Does anyone know of a plugin that will open a browser and search automatically for text selected within Acrobat? It would be most helpful to me.