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    Brush Size Circle Disapears when zooming more than 200%


      I'm using PS CC 2017.


      Firstly this CAPS LOCK is NOT on....... I am aware of this feature...


      This only started yesterday, I press b for brush then increase the size, as I do the circle gets bigger so you can see how big your brush is.  as soon as it gets to 200% the circle disappears completely..  This is nothing to do with Caps Lock......


      I have also don't a reset on the workspace and a reset on the tools rebooted checked all upgrades...



      This is on a Dell PC

      I have also upgraded my graphics card driver which in nvidia quadro with 6Gb Ram

      I'm using a xeon processor with 64Gb Ram

      Hard Drive:  950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD


      I have MAC Pro that is using CC 2015 version (due to processor speed it can not upgrade to 2017)  this one is fine and I have cross checked the settings,


      I'm not at a loss...


      can anyone shed any light on what could be causing this..


      thank you in advanced.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Is the brush bigger than the screen size at that zoom level?     If it is - the circle is replaced by a cross showing the centre



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            TD1NYC Level 1

            Thanks for coming back to me,


            I have 2 Monitors 192 x 1080 Res

            I open PS and choose new, I create a doc 1000px  x 750 px


            something strange that I just thought of.


            Yesterday I was on my MAC PRO remote desktop on to my PC, everything was working fine.. then for some reason I must have invoked the disability zoom and it made my screen bigger, I reset it and after that I had this brush issue.


            I have been trying all morning to figure this out. any how I decided I would come in the office, and then read your reply, I went to create the same size canvas as I do and I didn't have the problem....


            so this must mean that something on the  MAC being remote desktop on and then invoking the disability zoom by accident has caused it to not show the circle when using remote desktop, even thought I rebooted both the PC and the MAC.


            I guess at least its working from the PC directly.