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    Scaling problem when pasting PS art in back of AI text

    JimSned Level 1

      I wasn't sure if this is a Photoshop problem or an Illustrator problem, so I'm posting this question in both forums.


      I've created some artwork in Photoshop and want to place it behind some text I've created in AI.


      The instructions I've used in the past--that always worked--were:

      1) Create the PS art and then save it to the desktop as a PNG file.

      2) Create the text file in AI and save.

      3) Open and copy the PNG file.

      4) Open the AI file.

      5) Do EDIT>Paste in Back.


      This should paste the PS/PNG art behind the Ai text.  It does indeed do this, but the art is way out of scale with the text--it's WAY too big.


      The funny thing is, when I began this project and I did the Paste in Back, it worked perfectly.  (I created both the AI file and PS files with the same dimensions.) But then somewhere along the way, it started doing what I just described.  Anybody know how to correct this?  Thanks!

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The same dimensions and resolution or the same dimensions and different resolution.  It the resolutions are not the same the number of pixels will not be the same.  When you paste what is important is the number of pixels in the clipboard.  A document only has one resolution.  You can not have layers in a document  that have different resolutions.  Also If your copy the PNG layer to the Clipboard if the PNG Image has a full transparent background and sides of the image have a transparent borders. What gets copied to the  clipboard may be the layer with any transparent borders trimmed off.  Place seems to trim png image files transparent borders. Copy may just copy the pixels within the layers bounds.  Layers can have different sizes. A layer may have different bound than the documents canvas size.



          I just did some testing both Copy and Copy merge trim transparent borders.