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    There were no souce files that could be opened by Photoshop


      I'm trying to save a batch of raw photos to JPEG, I've done this for years without a problem. From Bridge I click on Tools> Photoshop>Image Processor. I just recently updated my Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Bridge and Camera Raw CC) on my mac. For some reason when trying to save a batch of photos (about 200 of them), I keep getting the error "There were no source files that could be opened by Photoshop." I've tried saving the raw images individually, then trying the Image Processor, but still doesn't work. Other files still work fine. I already save 3 batches of 50-100 other files with this method. But I cannot figure out why this set in particular will not work and what I can do to fix it. Any help would be very much appreciated and also I not super savvy when it comes to computers, so you might need to spell it out for me.