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    Heur.AdvML.C in PhoneGapsetUp-Win32.exe


      when I try to upgrade PhoneGap desktop from 0.4.4 to 0.4.5 on windows 10 (I download this direct from the adobe phonegap website) , My antivirus (Norton) traps it saying it has found the Heur.AdvML.C threat and removed it, so I cannot run the .exe !


      Has anyone got a clean version of the 0.4.5. desktop Windows install .exe

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          herm.wong Adobe Employee

          You can try to download the .exe file from the PhoneGap Desktop's release page.


          We usually recommend people to disable their AV software when installing PhoneGap Desktop, since the Desktop App will attempt to install the PhoneGap CLI in the background during the installation process. The script that initiates the installation of the PhoneGap CLI can cause AV software to display threat warnings.


          If the .exe installer doesn't work for you with your AV software disabled, you can also try to manually install using the .zip file found on the PhoneGap Desktop's release page. Make sure you follow the instructions stated in the Installation for Windows section on the PhoneGap Desktop's README.