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    Adding Interactivity/Did you know in RoboHelp 2017

    Tejas Dandekar Level 1

      I have a software that has Web help bundled with it. The help is massive with a lot of content. At times users find it very dry and tedious.


      Is there a way to add some cool features/interactivity/ Did you know popups to make the help more interesting/appealing?


      Any other tips using the existing framework and version? I use RH version 2017.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          RoboHelp offers different ways to present the information. Perhaps hiding some of it in Dynamic HTML Drop-Down areas until the user wishes to see more. Then they click and reveal the additional information.


          Are you using images? If you have lots of content that appears to be just a big ole wall of text, it may be helpful to add images in that explain things. You can even make images "interactive" by adding hyperlinks to take the user in different directions.


          And you also have the ability to use Adobe Captivate, or Animate, or Presenter Video Express, with RoboHelp to include interactive content, So you might consider those too.


          What makes something "pop" is a very subjective thing and will likely vary from individual to individual. But with a help system linked to an application, you can add all the whiz bang features you want. But in the end, if you aren't providing the exact information the end user needs at the time they need it, nothing will help make it better.


          Cheers... Rick