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    Tilelist data loading

      I am creating a jukebox application that has the ability to play both audio and video files. In my app I have a tile list (myTileList) that loads music album data (artist name, album name & album picture) from a database via an array collection called albumData. The data appears in the tilelist exactly as I want it but my problem is I need to load all my data at once as apposed to only loading it as I scroll up or down in my tilelist?

      Can anyone please help me out with this?

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          ntsiii Level 3
          Not enough information. Exactly what do you mean by "load"?
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            cheftimo Level 2
            When you say "load all my data at once", I take it to mean that you want to instantiate all the objects in albumData before they are displayed – maybe you expect your users to be doing a lot of scrolling up and down?

            The TileList control instantiates objects as they are displayed – after they are out of sight, they are replaced by newer ones.

            Maybe you should consider using a container (a VBox, a Tile layout container, whatever) with a Repeater. In this case, all the objects of albumData will be created before anything is diplayed.