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    Why should CS5 keep locking up after Acrobat Reader DC updated itself without asking


      I am running CS5 Photoshop on Windows 10 and everything was working fine until the last week - now after simple editing on 10 files locks up the programme - the only way out is to kill the process with Task Manager - this is very frustrating as I have 300 photos to edit!


      I have noticed that both Adobe Professional and CS5 on my computer have a modification date of 11/08/2017 - this coincides with a hot fix on Windows DC - I was not asked and certainly did not give my permission to update my Adobe Files.


      My attempts to get anyone at Adobe to speak to me fail with the "CS5 is no longer supported" mantra - but as I am in this situation with an update that I didn't authorise, I feel Adobe should take a more positive response.


      There is no provision to undo the updates, and my system restore date would erase several critical system updates - and before anyone asks it worked after those updates.


      Please can someone help.