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    Generate Warning Error

      I have a project produced in Version 6. Works find and everything is OK. However now I can not add/import any new files with images because it comes up with a generation error. The warning error says that a file can not be copied from the source folder to the destination folder, reason: source does not exist.

      Now when I look at the file path, its doubled up for some reason, it has " C:\SDKB\Prebuild\C:\SDKB\Prebuild\Support Centre Documentation\Desktop Systems\How to...Log a call to HP_files\image007.png" cannot be copied to" C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Knowledgebase\ C:\SDKB\Prebuild\Support Centre Documentation\Desktop Systems\How to...Log a call to HP_files\image007.png". reason: source does not exist.

      In Bold: 1st: Shows the source folder name, 2nd: Shows the destination folder + the source folder???

      I thought it might have been the word import failing but it happens if I import a .htm with images too and the generation of the files fail.

      Whats going on? I would rather not start from scratch again, any help appreciated.

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          I just did a Word count on that path (without the dupe), and it's 106 characters (with spaces). I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover that this is the issue.

          If you copy a .doc or .htm file to the C:\ root and then Import it, do you still get the problem?

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