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    Editing Photographs Taken with 360 Panorama Camera (Virtual Reality style)


      Hello To All My Fellow Nerds,


      I'm an avid photoshop user, and I'm fairly proficient at editing.


      I have an LG360 Camera and I've been taking 360 Panorama pictures with it. I'm able to edit them as flat images and maintain the proper metadata so that when I upload them they pop in VR mode.


      However, it's very cumbersome to try and apply edits over the edges of the photo so that I erase the stitching lines produced by my camera when it auto stiches the images.


      What is the best tutorial you have found about how to apply advanced editing to images in 3D?


      I am about to watch the fabulous Deke McClelland's. I'm a huge fan of his work.


      But the course is many hours long and for some reason my brain does not compute the 3d workspace as easily as it does regular 2d photoshop (as if that wasnt complicated enough). I'm a simpleton, merely relentless.


      I'm looking for some videos of people editing 360 images and fixing the "edges"


      Taylor J McBride

      Cynical Saints Publishing

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