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    faded color photo from 1946 some suggestions needed


      I did several internet searches on photoshop and searched through the FAQ's before posting this, trying different combinations but found these adjustments helped some.  I used the photo filter to bring down the yellow cast.  I used a level adjustment and moved the Red, Blue, & Green sliders..  I've tried levels with multiply but does not improve on the fading.   I used a color balance adjustment moving the sliders through shadows, highlights, and mid tones.  I'm using a mask on the adjustments.   The section that is faded was exposed in a frame while the rest of the image was covered by the mat.   But I don't feel like I'm really improving the photo that well.  I can add a skin tone from the boy's arm and clone in the clothing colors.  The worst part is this photo was taken in direct sunlight.   Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Rose


      Here is the original  image



      gary mom copy 2.jpg