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    DEP ActiveX


      Has anybody been able to run the shockwave active x component in a vs2008 c# windows form on vista.

      It seems (as far as I can work out from Microsoft) if you have a DEP enabled system the component won’t work as it needs recompiling to be compatible.

      I believe that having to turn DEP off on your system is not a suitable solution.

      Any pointers would be great..

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          Chunick Level 3
          ... besides the fact that most people have no clue what DEP is (I just looked it up, myself).

          You might want to also try this forum specifically for the Shockwave Player:
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            S.J.B wrote:
            > Has anybody been able to run the shockwave active x component in a
            > vs2008 c# windows form on vista.

            Are you saying that it's only on Vista that it fails, or is that the only
            platform you've been able to test on?

            FWIW, I just put an SW AX control on a VB windows form in VS2008, set the
            .SRC in the Form_Load handler, and it worked on WS2003 SP2 with DEP enabled
            for all programs and services. That's on a P4, so it doesn't have the
            hardware execution prevention thing.

            I just tried it on an XP SP3 PC with a Core2 processor (i.e. hardware DEP
            thing) and that didn't fail either, even when the source file wasn't


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              S.J.B Level 1


              Will also try the other forum, sorry but hey now you know.


              The issue is only with vista XP is fine. I have tried it on XP SP2 and SP3 and all runs fine. Please note there seems to be an issue with DEP and quite a lot of the activex components not just the adobe ones.

              With a little google time it appears this issue first came into play with .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1. Apparently this release caused the C# compiler in Visual Studio 2005 and later to set the NXCOMPAT bit for all build targets without an option to turn this new behaviour off.

              For those who don't know, this means that DEP (data execution prevention) will kick in unless it is turned off completely in the operating system. Windows XP has DEP turned off by default therefore everything still works but in Windows Vista it is turned on and prevents such application from functioning properly.

              In this case the most obvious approach to dealing with the situation is to disable DEP in Vista. Unfortunately, this solution would require all Vista using customers to disable their DEP as well which really isn't an option for commercial software.

              There are a few suggested solutions which can be run at compile time however I have not been able to implement them successfully at this time (why I am posting).

              It is suggested that a recompile of these components with later versions of visual studio will solve the issue however I am unable to do this as they are third party etc.