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    Library books not opening on Nook


      I recently switched from Digital Editions 4.0 due to being unable to open library books on my Nook- the message "This book has been returned. Loan not on record" came up. I now have been trying to download books onto Digital Editions 3.0, and keep getting different error messages like "CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED. No permission to copy the book" when I go to drag it over to my device, and "E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER" when I attempt to open the file into Digital Editions. Some threads on the forum suggested deauthroizing and reauthorizing my computer, which I have done and am receiving the same messages still. I uninstalled the application several times in addition to deauthorizing and reauthorizing. I tried downloading an entirely new book from the library and have had no luck, receiving the same messages. I can't contact Adobe directly for some reason, the customer service line and chat options all direct me to the forums and it's very irritating that I can't just speak with someone about it.