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    Copy and Paste


      How can this be so difficult????????????????????????????????   I scanned a page in spanish and I want to copy and paste the text to a spanish to english translation page. When I highlight the area and clck copy and then go to google translate I go to edit to hit Paste and nothing happens. I wish you guys could make things as SIMPLE as possible. That is a mark of a really high IQ , this is why Einstein was Einstein, he made everything SIMPLE Can you please help me? I am totally frustrated and If i could pick adobe up and throw him out a 3rd story window, that is what would happen

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's because you are pasting an image of text into Google Translate, not the text itself.


          Unless you run Optical Character Recognition, all you have is a flat image of text, not searchable copyable text. That's why Google Translate can't "read" it.


          What Adobe product and version are you using?


          Adobe Acrobat Pro DC has OCR and would convert the scanned image characters to text (type). There are also other OCR products on the market.


          That's something Photoshop can't do.


          Here's the info on this: Convert PDF to instantly editable text, OCR software | Adobe Acrobat DC

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            You're not addressing Adobe on this support forum run by volunteers.

            If you have a feature request use this: Photoshop Family Customer Community


            In the meantime it might be worth you getting some lessons in using Photoshop. There are some excellent books and Pluralsight.com and Lynda.com have online video tutorials. You can a get 30-day free trial.


            By the way, Adobe is the name of the company, Photoshop is the name of the Application.