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    RH7 - Webhelp Output, Can't Hide Frameset Borders


      I'll try not to get too complicated as I'm really far into my own head with this:

      RoboHelp 7 (Tech Comm. Suite)
      WebHelp output

      Most of my topics are single files with content on the top and related links on the bottom.
      Several dozen (out of the hundreds of topics) are framesets. The top frame is an imported FrameMaker file, the bottom frame is Related Links.

      For consistency, I want the the two topic types (framesets and non-framesets) to look the same, so the border between the frames in the frameset topics should be invisible.

      When I create the framesets, I uncheck Border in the Frameset - Frame Attributes dialog, so when I do a single topic preview of the frameset (Right click > Preview Topic) from within the RoboHelp project it shows as desired and specified with no border.

      However, when RoboHelp generates the project into a WebHelp output, it makes visible the border between the frames in the frameset. The visible border is identical to the vertical border between the left frame (TOC, et al.) and the body frame.

      Thinking it was a skin-related problem, I went into the skin editor and found there was no place to specify frameset border properties for a nested frameset in the topic area. No help there.

      So I went rummaging through all the editable files I could find, including "whskin_frmset01.htm," "whskin_frmset010.htm," "Default.skn" (the skin source file), and even the base "<projectname>.htm" file. I was able to make the vertical border between the TOC and content frames disappear (that was in the .skn) file, but there seems to be no way to get rid of the horizontal line between my frames in the nested (I assume its nested by the generating process) frameset.

      So I'm guessing somewhere there is an inaccessible (to me) file that instructs the frameset to put borders between frames regardless of the frameset's native settings. Does any of this make sense? Anybody have a recommendation where I should look or who I should talk to next?