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      I have Photoshop CS6 and have purchased a new laptop.  I have deleted it from my old laptop and installed it on the new one, but it is asking for the serial number.  When I input that it tells me to contact support.  Support is very busy as I have waited 3 1/2 hours over the phone and chat.  I am wondering what do I do now?

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          Did you deactivate CS6 on you old machine before deleting CS6.  If not if you still have your old machine install CS6 back on it. It should install for your CS6 Activation credentials should still be in its disk if you did not wipe the disk by formatting it.   Once installed.  Use CS6 menu Help>Deactivate to free up an activation. Then un install cs6 on that machine.  You should then be able to activate CS6 on your new machine if your new uses the same platform.  Perpetual CS6 is platform dependent.  You have a CS6 windows version licence or you have a CS6 Mac version 13.0.6 licence.   The CS6 Extended Cloud  version 13.1.2 runs on both platforms