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    Photoshop seems to be shrinking my PDFs?


      Hi, I am using 2017 CC on Windows 10.  I have a set of plans in A4 PDF's which I wish to join into a single plan on B0 (1414 x 1000mm) to produce some working drawings.  I set a canvas to the B0 size and import the PDF's.  They show as full size A 4 Documents.  I crop the two long side margin.  The property box shows them as the correct length for A4 29.68mm.  I copy all and past onto the B4 canvas document.  The properties of the layer now show the document as only 19.97mm.


      When I past in the full width the image has shrunk and no longer fills up the B) Canvas.  How do I get the image not to resize please?


      Thank You