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    [Head Tuner] How to Adjust Camera to Detect My Face Turning Movement Properly


      Hi, everyone.


      I have a problem of having my camera detect my face turning movement properly.


      I added "Head Tuner" behavior to my "head," and assigned frontal, right quarter, and right profile respectively to layers (I am making characters with Photoshop).

      And it works beautifully except the fact that Ch reads my face movement slightly off. When I see straight into camera, my character head appears right quarter; when I turn my head to right quarter, it appears right profile; and when I turn to left quarter, it turns front. I "set rest pose" several times, but it still reads wrong.


      I swear my face got a recognizable form even for a built-in camera (I am using Macbook Pro).

      Also I have watched every Okaysamurai video, so I don't think I made the mistakes covered in the show, such as layer naming, file hierarchy, and so on.


      I would appreciate if any one can give me a hint or hopefully solution for this problem.


      Thank you.