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    Forcing a Fixed Min-Width Viewport on an Otherwise Responsive Website

    DoubleParker Level 1

      This is driving me nuts. 


      I have a page at https://www.doubleparker.com/dpr/test/



      It's responsive, but because of the complexity of some of the animated and interactive elements that need to be added exclusively for mobile devices, I want any viewport smaller than 800px to force-render at a fixed 800px.  I've heard that min-width might be able to do this, but it's not working through Muse.


      Essentially anything above 800px is responsive, but...(this is what I want to happen)...

      Phones rendering at 420px would be set to fixed width of 800px.

      Phones rendering at 312px would be set to fixed width of 800px.



      I'm trying to move away from adaptive web design, so a separate, fixed layout for mobile and tablet is not the answer for me. 


      Any solutions to this would be super awesome and HUUUUUGELY appreciated! Hugely!