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    CC 2017 aerender & GPU?


      Does aerender.exe in CC 2017 derive any benefit from the GPU? Are any hacks needed to enable this (like the old "RayTracerGpuDisabledForHeadless" hack in "Debug Database.txt")?

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          foughtthelaw Level 2

          at this point GPU rendering is controlled entirely by the Video Rendering and Effects tab under the project settings. If that's set to either Open CL or Metal then the GPU will be engaged. if it's Software Only it won't use the GPU.


          Make sure you set this before getting too deep into a project as there are visual differences in the way some of the GPU enabled effects rendered when compared to their CPU versions.

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            Im getting failures in aerender.exe with the message "gpu_shader.cpp out of memory"


            The project that is being rendered is set to software only - but I keep getting these messages. Is aerender trying to render via GPU? if so, is there a switch to be added to the command to render without GPU?


            Thanks in advance!