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    Adobe losing edits


      Is it possible that consolidating edits between versions of adobe pro can lead to changes in the edits or can delete edits entirely? I work in publishing, reviewing and editing book files in adobe pro, and recently I've encountered an issue in which some corrections change or go missing between versions of the files. I use Adobe Pro 9, and I believe the editor is using Adobe Pro 10. Is it possible that when she saves the file in Adobe Pro 10, some of my edits in Adobe Pro 9 could get lost because they don't translate to the new version? Or is this something that has to be done manually? (i.e. someone actually has to delete or change the edit by hand).



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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi Rebeccac,


          As you have mentioned above, the edits made on a PDF in an Adobe Acrobat does not show in other Acrobat Version.

          Generally, it is not possible to that edits made on an Adobe Acrobat version get deleted when the file opens on another version of Acrobat.

          If you edit a PDF and save it, the changes made on that PDF get saved with the file.

          Then if you open that file on any compatible version of Acrobat, it will open the same file with same edits. No changes can be made on PDF itself.


          If you could share the both the file with us and let us know the edits you are talking about we can check it on our end.

          To share the files, you may refer the steps provided here: How to share a file using Adobe Document Cloud


          Let us know if you have any questions.




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