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    Pattern Stamp Tool strangeness

    davidc1815 Level 4

      I use the Pattern Stamp Tool (PST) from time to clone paint from photographs. I make a pattern from a whole layer image and paint from it, using the PST as a brush.  I set the tool to Aligned and Impressionist modes.  An oddity which I noticed some time ago but failed to investigate, cropped up again today working on a new picture.  That is, the top edge  - about a couple of mm - is shaved off the top and added to the bottom of the image.  So, I am painting from a pattern made from a (layer) image that has been shifted up a little.  You can see the effect that appears after painting from the pattern below:



      (the top of the image)



      (the bottom of the image)


      You can see a thin band of sky appearing along the bottom of the image.


      It is not the end of the world, but I am curious as to why it happens and if there is a simple way to ensure that pattern and derived image are all square.  I wondered if perhaps it is something to do with the Impressionist setting. You can see that "Aligned" is already selected.  Here are my tool bar settings:




      Grateful for any advice.