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    Adobe Draw issue


      I'm having issues with how my lines are being drawn in the Adobe Draw App, it's been fine since Nov but just recently started being a pain. In stead of one big smooth line I'm getting a broken line. Anyone had a similar issue?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Zobo.


          I'm sorry for taking so long to respond.


          I recently made the product team aware of this issue after hearing about line skipping from a handful of people. Since it sounds like it's become a recurring problem for you, I do have a couple of questions:


          What device are you using (from your tagging it looks like iPad Pro and Pencil)? And what version of Draw?

          Does it seem dependent on pressure? That is, does it skip if you're pressing with less as opposed to more pressure?

          Or does it seem dependent on the speed of the stroke?

          Or is it neither, does it just seem like it's much more random than either of those?


          Also, if you could post a screenshot it would be really helpful. (If you can't post it here, you can email it to me through the in-app feedback.


          Please let me know so I can share your experiences with the product team.



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