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    Isolating scanned handwritten text on a document


      I have some delicate documents that have handwritten text in pencil on notebook paper on them. I have scanned them and the pages have some marks and smudges on them, making the handwriting a little difficult to read.


      I could rescan with different settings, but I risk smudging the pages more, and getting the scanner dirty, the handwriting was in pencil.


      I would like to make the handwriting more visible/legible, and reduce the marks and smudging on the paper around and behind the handwriting.


      I tried bumping up the contrast, and auto tone, while they both bring out the handwriting, they also bring out all the marks and smudges.


      I am having to go through and scan pages like this and then toss the papers away, and just have all digital documents. But I wanted to be sure I can clean the scans up a bit before I toss the originals, in case I have to rescan, but I would like to avoid this. So I would like to know what I can do.