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    deleteSelection method.. try to simply delete a node

      Hello all! I am using the yFiles library for Flex 3 and am trying to add a simple delete button in the toolbar of a demo application.

      This is the code that successfully put the button in the toolbar but gives an error in Flex:
      <mx:Button icon="{Actions.OK}" toolTip="Delete Milestone" click="deleteSelection()" />

      The error is:
      1180 Call to a possibly undefined method deleteSelection.

      I have imported the correct package up top:
      import com.yworks.graph.input.GraphEditorInputMode;

      In the help docs it has this:
      This method deletes the currently selected elements. GraphEditorInputMode

      So I am not sure if this is a namespace thing or what but the button doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks