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    Returning XML from CFC

    Mark Forsberg Level 1
      I'm trying to return either an xml string or xmlObject through a webservice. When I dump the return I get the following code (Some of the code)
      <thankyoucards> <submission> <username>returnVariable</username> <orderdate>returnVariable</orderdate> <jobnumber>returnVariable</jobnumber> <contactname>returnVariable</contactname>

      XMLParse chokes on attempting to display this.

      In my cfc I'm using the cfsavecontent tag to create the xml

      <cfset myXML="">

      <!--- generate xml --->
      <cfsavecontent variable="myXML">
      <cfreturn myXML>
      How can I return the xml so that I can parse it into an xml object?
      Thanks for the help.