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    Is there a way to choose the default version of InDesign CC Server?

    Dan Tate Level 1



      In our test environments we often have to have older versions of InDesign Server installed alongside the current version, for instance we have IDS CC 2015 and IDS CC 2017 installed on the same machine.  When we try to process an InDesign CC 2015 document with InDesign CC 2015 server on this machine it says that it cannot open the document as it requires a newer version of Indesign Server.  I'm assuming this is because of some setting that has been made when the CC 2017 version was installed that sets it as the 'Default' server version.  Is this correct?  Is there a tool (like xcode-select) that could be used to select which is the current/default version of IDS to use?  Or would I have to hack a config file somewhere?



      Dan Tate