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    Bad playback performance on new i7 setup. ¿Where's the problem?


      Hi all. Just updated my workstation with i7 7600K 4GHz, 32GB ram DDR4, Nvidia 1050TI 4GB and Samsung SSD.


      I was expecting to have a nicer Premier performance than before and that's not what I have found. I don't know where the problem is.

      Note: I have tried to see performance-improvement threads from Adobe but most of the links refer to videos hosted in "video2brain.com" and they are missing (for example all links found here).


      I usually work with 1080p H.264 straight from Canon DSLRs and the right sequence to match those specs. With a LUT and some other light effects applied, I start missing frames at 1/2 Playback resolution. That's more or less the same performance I was getting with my previous Intel Quad 3.6GHz and it's like 8 years old! So I think there may be a problem.


      Maybe It's not related, but for example, I had to unable GPU acceleration in Photoshop because it was stupidly using the GPU to process RAW stills instead of the much faster CPU. So maybe something of that kind is happening to me in Premier. I've tried turning Mercury Transmit on and off and did not notice any variation.


      As I said, a lot of links in Adobe refer to missing videos, so I don't know where to find a path.

      I have useless processes disabled to improve the overall windows performance, so notrhing wrong in that area.

      Thank you for your help!